Nematode filarial Worms in cerebrospinal fluid of a Multiple Sclerosis Patient at Autopsy (Poster)

Nematode filarial Worms in cerebrospinal fluid of a Multiple Sclerosis Patient at Autopsy

19 January 2016

Multiple Sclerosis is classified according to current Nosology As a human neurodegenerative [demyelinating] disorder, which is favored to be an autoimmune process. The actual causation of Multiple Sclerosis has not been agreed upon. Loss of Myelin in the Brain and Spinal Cord tissues, is accompanied by diverse additional microscopic abnormalities in the Plaques of MS. Subsequent investigation raised the possibility of Chronic Deep Brain and Spinal cord Spirochetal Infections { Steiner, Ichelson, Marshall and others} as the de facto cause of Mylein loss in Multiple Sclerosis.

Herein, is described image based evidence for the detection of cerebrospinal fluid infection/Infestation with worms, probably  vectored by Ixodid Ticks (Ref. 3), to produce Nematode Filarial CSF infection which is followed by Worm {Nematode Filarial ] invasion of the Brain Solid tissue to produce areas of Myelin Destruction, which typify the clinical and pathological signatures of Multiple Sclerosis in the Human host. It is herein proposed, that the worms enter the deep brain white matter regions via direct extension from CSF worm infestations, and that worms  slough their outer sheath tissues as detritus. A cascade of host responses which terminates in the destruction of axonal Myelin, and entire brain neural and glial elements produces Multiple sclerosis. Further host insult by the Invading worms in deep brain White matter ensues from the comet like  trail of Nematode Filarial Eggs and Zygotes in brain tissue. Collectively, the Worm Foreign material terminates in a host response which destroys the native architecture of the White matter. The inciting Worm in Brain tissue may not be evident at autopsy, because the worms may either have died or moved to a new topogrCONaphicTACal sTite remote from the Plaques.

Keywords: Nematode Filarial Nematode, Nematodiasis, Cerebrospinal fluid, Multiple Sclerosis, demyelinating disease of brain and Spinal cord