Paulette's daughter shares her Crohn's Disease and LDN Story

Paulette talks about her daughter’s struggle with Crohn’s Disease. Sarah was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 9 and she had pain, anaemia and generally felt very unwell.  Paulette took Sarah to many doctors and was concerned with the number of medications that Sarah had to take, none of which seemed to have any lasting effects. Being a concerned parent Paulette started to do her own research and came across articles about Low Dose Naltrexone and, although sceptical, decided to find a doctor who would prescribe it.  

Sarah’s first doses in capsule form did not work for her but they persevered for a month while continuing to research. Paulette read about Low Dose Naltrexone in a transdermal cream and had her doctor prescribe that instead of the capsules. Remarkably within a couple of days Sarah had amazing improvement, she noticed her pain had gone away, she had normal bowel movements and she looked a lot better. Paulette calls it a miracle and there are no side effects at all for Sarah.