Sam from the United States shares his Parkinson’s and LDN Story

Sam was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2005 by one doctor, told he didn’t have it by his own primary doctor and then told several months later by a neurologist that he did, in fact, have Parkinson’s Disease. From that emotional roller coaster, he decided to go see his local pharmacist who just happened to be Skip Lense who specializes in Low Dose Naltrexone. Skip was very honest and told Sam that LDN probably wouldn’t help directly but it would help his immune system which in turn would help him. 

Sam had no side effects at all with Low Dose Naltrexone but says that although LDN didn’t help the stiffness in his arm it did help him overall. Sam has fewer colds now and believes that his Parkinson’s progression has been slowed considerably.