Severe psoriasis and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Dr Lauren Mathewson
Dr Lauren Mathewson

I've had severe psoriasis for over 16 years. I started LDN in September of 2021. The current dose I'm using is 4.5 mg at night and topical LDN cream in the morning that Dr. Rashidi made for me. I've not seen any improvement yet. Any help or anything you can add for psoriasis would be a great help.

And so my thoughts on this were that I've seen really significant improvement to psoriasis with the removal of things, so the removal of food sensitivities, I think, could potentially really go a long way. And I would say that individual patients might want to consider whether they're in an environment that they're being exposed to things like molds or mycotoxins, something that's kind of keeping their immune system ramped up. Also, being on LDN since September 2021, that's not a super long time. I guess it should be long enough to kind of see the benefit by now, but yeah I'd think about staying on the LDN, including the cream, and then maybe doing a little more testing and seeing if there are other things that we can remove that would improve or benefit you. And then with the skin and pain, I know I always say it takes the longest and sometimes higher ,and I know Dr. Sarah talked about like with the skin you even want to go maybe higher, and one of the reasons we haven't gone higher because we're doing both topical and oral. I don't know what your thoughts are, either of you, if you go higher maybe works just because, maybe oral higher.

I would certainly consider it yeah with them for sure.

Answered by Lauren Mathewson, ND