Should I increase my dose of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

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LDN Specialist Pharmacist Dr Sam Lebsock

Should I increase my dose of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

This next patient has been taking LDN 4.5 milligrams and has several different autoimmune disorders, and she's experiencing symptoms of an autoimmune disorder that she has not had for years, despite being on LDN, which was after a period of high stress, and she's been on six milligrams previously, and wondering if she should increase her dose.

So I will say that with LDN, potentially, there's obviously a lot going on there, normally when you have one autoimmune disease you have multiple autoimmune diseases, and so if you don't have the first autoimmune disease, your body's just gonna keep keep having issues and so I don't think you're necessarily controlled. I don't know exactly what your autoimmune issues are. It depends on what your indications are. I would say but potentially you may need to go up, but potentially you may need to go down. I guess I would need to know a little bit more

Answered by Sam Lebsock, PharmD
LDN Specialist

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