Should you use 4.5 milligrams for twice a day dosing with LDN?

LDN Specialist Pharmacist Michelle Moser
LDN Specialist Pharmacist Michelle Moser

Should you use 4.5 milligrams for twice a day dosing with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

So this is a follow-up question on bid or tid dosing so twice a day or three times a day dosing for anxiety PTSD. Are you doing 4.5 milligrams for each dose?  

So again, referring back to Dr. Lanus and Dr. Forrester, the answer is no. So it's not usually an equal dose for each time of day.  Again it's all individualized, and in my professional experience,  sometimes people are on a smaller dose one time of the day, maybe a bigger dose another time of day,  Maybe a bigger or smaller dose at the third time of day, and they're not necessarily equal, and they don't necessarily equal 4.5 milligrams. So specifically, I'm thinking of a veteran,  who has a wide variety of other health issues and has recently come off of his opiates, so we use ultra-low dose to decrease his opiate addiction, and we successfully got him off his opiates. very happy for him. That was a that's a huge thing but what we realized is that  
in these microgram dosings, okay micrograms are teeny-weeny-weaning amounts of medication.  
He was already getting some results from his anxiety.  So if I remember right, this gentleman is on .25 milligrams of low-dose naltrexone in the morning, he's on two milligrams in the afternoon, and he's on three milligrams at bedtime. But he doesn't always take his mid-day dose because he's back at work.  I mean, he always loves working at, well, they're not department stores but at tool and home renovation stores.  
That's where he that's where he's always wanted to work. He loves helping people with their tools, and they do it at home, with projects and things like that.  
And he actually is working part-time, which  I think is huge for anybody with PTSD. I am thrilled for him, but you know, the years of alcohol use and narcotic use just to help deal with some of the issues that he's had,  physical issues that he's had. Low Dose Naltrexone  has replaced the majority of his prescription  medications, so I am thrilled for him absolutely.