Specialist Nurse Shannon Garrett shares her LDN Experience on the LDN Radio Show 2016

Shannon Garrett, a Thyroid and Auto-immune Women’s Wellness Nurse has been searching for help and a diagnosis on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for many years. Shannon finally received a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s where she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Pernicious Anaemia.
Shannon first found out about LDN through a prison nurse and how it successfully helped her Father who had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). From then on, Shannon started researching, searching social media for information where she came across some helpful support groups.
Shannon broadcasted what she found to her doctor, where they both agreed that the LDN medication was worth trying. She worked nine months on getting her body ready for the medication which could potentially result in nutrient deficiency. This is when she saw a brighter version of herself. 
Shannon began working closely with patients who was wanting the Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) medication and seeing what would be right for them. Her aim was to empower patients and doctors that LDN does not always work for some, which leads to a protocol and closely monitoring the patient. 
Shannon found a 90-95% success rate for her patients, an improvement in their quality of life even. Despite some patients still having sleep issues and insomnia within the first 2 -3 weeks, there was no other outstanding side effects. A small handful of patients say their anxiety increased at the beginning of the LDN treatment medication, which therefore they would refer the patients to a cream rather than an oral capsule.
You can find Shannon through: shannongarrettwellness.com or holisticthyroid.net
Summary of Shannon’s success story interview, please listen to the video for the full story.
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