Tinnitus, COVID and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Dr Pamela Smith
LDN Specicalist ​​​​​​​Dr. Pamela Smith

My wife and I were double vaccinated.  Yeah caught the virus in August. My wife was sick for a couple of days.   I lost taste and smell and gradually recovered over a few months.  Early January, we both developed tinnitus at the same time. For the last 90 days has been troublesome.  Sometimes debilitating.  Is there a connection to vaccine virus?  There may be.  Tinnitus is tinnitus and interstitial cystitis are the banes of my existence as a practitioner.  They're the two hardest diseases I've ever had to deal with because there's not a straightforward cure.  I have found that LDN, by decreasing the inflammatory reaction, doesn't take away tinnitus, but it can actually make it less severe. So you can certainly try that. There are some herbal therapies that some clinicians have found helpful with tinnitus. The iodine nasal spray has helped some people with tinnitus.  I think more to come on that subject.