Vera from the United States shares her Dermatomyositis and LDN Story on The LDN Radio Show

Unable to accept her diagnosis of Lupus, while also suffering from chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, digestive issues, brain fog, muscle issues, body temperature issues, Terry did her research and became interested in nutrition, anti-aging, and healthy living in general.  After talking to many people, including scientists, she was interested in all modalities of healing and wellness opportunities. 

Terry was introduced to Low Dose Naltexone (LDN) and immediately felt a difference in the function of her brain. Terry is 65 and feels she is now able to do a lot of things that others her age can’t do. She says that when she took the LDN, it gave her a definite boost to her brain.  Terry now exercises and has the energy to do things that she otherwise would not be able to do.  Terry says that Low dose naltrexone definitely contributes to her feelings of wellness and energy.

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