What are your thoughts on Medical Cannabis and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? 

What are your thoughts on Medical Cannabis and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? 

Medical Cannabis synergistic effect, totally different receptor families, overlapping function.

Cannabis is a hot button topic anywhere in North America. Depending upon the state you're in or the province you're in in Canada, it can be legal for medical as well as recreational purposes.

My concern is THC has a differential effect on behavior patterning, and so it can change patterns of behavior. But the CBD aspect, that's really cool with immunological function as well as brain function as well as PTSD, and there's a whole host of health benefits.

Preferably, I would say don't forget to take MCT oil. So this is actually Palmtyl Ethanolamine derivative that's found there. That's sort of the mother molecule for your own endogenous cannabinoids that you produce. So if you're taking a CBD product, you can have significant positive benefits.

If you're using medical or recreational marijuana with a high THC content, you may notice different behavior effects and it may not necessarily be as complementary as we want it.

So, for immunological purposes, there's a different one for pain. It can have some really good overlap, but if your THC gets too high, I'm just going to walk away from that conversation because now we're getting into fully psychotropic effect and increasing doses of THC aren't necessarily that beneficial for pain. That's why we like the CBD component to be much better balanced.