What are your thoughts on the Post-viral Recovery Program for Long Covid?

What are your thoughts on the Post-viral Recovery Program for Long Covid?

Are you familiar with the collaboration between Patrick Hanaway and Ovation Labs called Post Viral Recovery program? They use five mechanisms underlying long Covid and have a protocol of five supplements. Do you have any thoughts on this? 

There are a lot of folks surfacing with protocols or dietary supplements that are the answer to relieving the body of spike proteins and some nanoparticles that cause long Covid. Dr. Patterson and his work with biomarkers and then his set of dietary supplements. You have the wellness company TWC with their protocols and their different luminaries in Covid research that have promoted their particular supplements.

You had the Zelinko, the ZPac that Zelinko forwarded. You have Dr. Hader with his protocol. So, there are many out there surfacing. My caution is folks, just be very careful. Some of those are good, obviously, and then some of them are a little off track. They're either poorly made, they're rushed to produce, and it could be a money grab for some people, and then some of them are just ineffective and some are, frankly, snake oil. 

So you have to be super careful because people are desperate when they've had their long Covid go on for over a year, and they start becoming victimized by some nefarious characters that are just wanting to pocket a lot of money. Now, the particular supplement or protocol that was mentioned I am not familiar with, but like I said, there's probably at this point, dozens upon dozens of products surfacing from all kinds of practitioners and researchers. 

Patrick Hanaway is from the Cleveland Clinic. So would that increase your confidence in their legitimacy? 

I would have to look at, in all honesty, and to be fair, I would have to look at the protocol where they're basing it from. I don't give power to institutions like the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, Yale, Duke. Now, my father warned me about mentioning names, but I don't care. They have let me down so bad in the last three to four years that I don't even refer to those institutions for a second opinion. I think they're practicing very bad medicine, and it's shameful that these academic ivory towers have let down people so badly that I'm really skeptical about anything good that's coming out.

A lot of these big centers are opening up, "COVID recovery centers", and they don't know diddly about managing long COVID or long vax. And for those that are unfamiliar with the term long vax, that has to do with the vaccine injured. So they'll run a battery of tests on you. MRIs, CT, PET scans, you name it. All kinds of serology tests. And then they send people home with nothing. And trust me, I see that in my office every day. People who said they've gone to these big-name institutions, they run up thousands and thousands of dollars of lab tests and then they're sent home with no intervention. It's abhorrent to me. It's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed to call these colleagues, partners in taking care of patients. So that's my answer on that one.