What is the best way to get an occasional professional consult with you?

What is the best way to get an occasional professional consult with you?

I'm a psychotherapist treating pain patients and could use an occasional consultation. What would be the way to do that with me? 

I would love to do that. I have a lot of clients on the Bendy Bodies platform who want the information sometimes for themselves, but oftentimes they want it because they're working with other people. So I have dietitians. I have lots of physicians. I have quite a few psychologists. Yes, I do have psychotherapists, nutritionists, dietitians, and physical therapists. I've had physical therapists book sessions with me just to kind of get general information. 

The best way to do that is to go to the Hypermobility.com website. If you go to the top where it says ‘Services’, and then click on ‘Educoaching’ or on the ‘Home Page’, you could click on ‘Work With Dr. Bluestein One On One By Becoming A Client’. That would also take you to that same place. 

That is a lot less expensive than becoming a patient anyway. I do recommend psychotherapists to my clients and to my patients, depending on where they live and what their needs are. I have a pretty nice network of people. I wish I had more specialists, but I do have some specialists and I do have psychotherapists as well. 

It depends on does the person want to meet with somebody in person? Do they want to meet virtually? What is their biggest problem or biggest concern? Is it that they had trauma and they're working through that and it's also impacting their pain, because that can be the case. Is it that they would be a good candidate, for example, for EMDR, which is eye movement desensitization, retraining, in which case I try to get them with somebody who offers that service. That's definitely something that we can do as well.

The online coaching is a lot less expensive than becoming a patient, because it's a lot less expensive for me to deliver those services. Becoming a patient is a lot more involved process and a lot more responsibility on my end than seeing a patient virtually. I don't have to rent space or anything like that.