At what dose does LDN cease to be considered Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)?

LDN Specialist Pharmacist Stephen Dickson
Pharmacist Stephen Dickson

At what dose does LDN cease to be considered low dose? 

We would consider anything under 25 milligrams to be Low Dose Naltrexone, because that's the lowest licensed normal dose is 25 milligrams. That doesn't mean that very many people, if any, get anything like 25 milligrams of LDN. You can talk to your prescriber about going up a bit further from 4.5.

If well tolerated, does increasing the dose beyond 4.5 help to further reduce systemic inflammation?

We have people on anything up to 9 milligrams in certain cases, but really, it's the vast minority, the absolute minority of people go above 4.5. 
Yet we do have people on 5.7, 6.2 who have crept up gradually over time, found a benefit and not found any more side effects. So, it is possible, most cases not necessary. It's certainly something you could talk to your prescriber doing. Just don't go ahead and do it before having chatted to your clinic or prescriber.