What doses of LDN are you prescribing for EDS’ers who have neuropathic pain?

What doses of LDN are you prescribing for EDS’ers who have neuropathic pain? Are you recommending lesser doses for those who don't have neuropathic pain and EDS? Best time to take? Have you found tabs, capsules, or liquid best? Any significant interaction with other meds?

I normally start people at 1.5 mg and titrate up from there. Once in a while, if someone is really sensitive to medications, I will start at 0.5 mg Usually, I start at 1.5 then I usually have them take one capsule or tablet. I start it in the morning and then a week later, shift that to the evening, and then a week after that shift to two tablets or capsules in the evening and then to three. I usually hold at the 4.5 milligrams for a while. That's usually how I dose that. I ask people to give themselves at least a six-month trial.

I do not recommend a lower dose for those that don't have neuropathic pain. If I'm going to prescribe it, that's usually how I prescribe it.
I recommend that people try to take it as close to 09:00 p.m. as possible. I have prescribed tablets. I've prescribed capsules, I've prescribed liquid, all of the above. I like the tablets when we can get those because then you don't have to worry about the capsule having its own excipient.
I use sublingual liquid probably most commonly if I have somebody who is really nervous about trying it and wants more control because it's drops, very concentrated drops, so they can dose it very slowly and it's such a low dose, there's usually not an interaction with other medications.