What if You have COMT or other SNPS that Make You Sensitive to Methadone?

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What if You have COMT or other SNPS that Make You Sensitive to Methadone?

What if you have COMT or other SNPS that make you sensitive to methadone? A lot of people are sensitive to methadone.  As a matter of fact, I never use them because almost all my patients are sensitive to them.  When you say methyldonors you're thinking of giving somebody methyl folate or methylcobalamin.  Again, I never use them.  Why, number one:  a lot of my patients are sensitive to it.  Two: if I give somebody five methyl folate or five or methylcobalamin, what am I doing?   I'm not fixing the pathway, I'm giving the results of the pathway, and if that's all I do, okay.   Guess what...I'm not fixing them.  

For folate, I use natural folate. It is available on Amazon. Forget the name of it.  Just look up F you know, natural liquid folate. It's a company that's woman-owned, and it's made for pregnant women.  It's made from lemon peel.  For cobalamin, I tend to use hydroxocobalamin or Denison cobalamin, and I basically find out which one they can tolerate. 

I don't necessarily need to use SAMe most of the time because as I'm fixing the pathways, giving their bodies what they need to work, the real trick here is to give the body what it needs to work and get out of the way.  Do not micromanage.  Give the body what it needs, even around it even if you avoid that area.  It'll start working again.  A lot of this stuff has to do with leaky gut, by the way.