What side effect can you get with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

LDN Specialist Pharmacist Stephen Dickson
Answered by LDN Specialist Pharmacist Stephen Dickson

How does one know what side effects may show when your LDN was too great?

This is really interesting, again being involved really quite early on with LDN and MS. We saw in some people they sort of reach a ceiling. So that's why we started titration. Initially when we started dosing patients, everyone just got 4.5 milligrams, and then we realized that it worked for some people and didn't work for some people, and some people felt great, and some people felt absolutely dreadful. So that's why we started using titration dosing. So you can tell yourself you hit the ceiling of feeling better when suddenly you're feeling worse. And there's a way to find the right dose in there somewhere, and that's a very personal journey for each person. And there's no one specific thing that I can say of all the side effects. If you develop a terrible headache that's just that your improvement suddenly disappears, and you get this lack of feelings. I'm told that you can't really describe it until it's happened

Stephen Dickson, BSC (hons), MRPharmS
LDN Specialist and Advisor to the LDN Research Trust

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