What is your take on the use of multiple longevity drugs together?

What is your take on the use of multiple longevity drugs together? Example, Metformin, DHEA, Rapamycin versus just one of them? 

Like I mentioned before I feel that there's potential synergy between longevity drugs. There could also be the opposite of synergy.

They could actually work against each other. It is really hard to do trials on combinations. It's hard enough to do trials on single therapies, it's even harder to do them on combinations. 

A lot of what we know about combinations comes from anecdotal evidence or what we think might happen if you start combining metformin, LDN, Rapamycin and things like that. 

My experience is that typically they're additive. Typically, I think if you add Metformin with DHEA … there was a trial called the TRIIM Trial, T-R-I-I-M, Thymus Regeneration Trial, where they use Metformin, DHEA and growth hormone. I'm not a big fan of growth hormone, but the trial seemed to find that those three combined seem to have some benefit in terms of methylation. Biological age clocks and things like that. And there's an expansion of the trial going on. I don't have any involvement with them. 

But in general, it seems like most of these therapies tend to be additive. Occasionally they can work against each other but I'm a lot more optimistic in terms of their additive benefit. But you have to be responsible with their use. 

Rapamycin, Raffa -Q, NAD, Quercetin, Zatnev -Vrita supplements - would LDN interfere? I kind of answered this one already, but again, there could be some duplication in there, you know, there could be some overlap in there. I'm more optimistic on combinations. 

You know I take several therapies myself in combination. I think the answer to longevity will only go through combinations, which combinations is up to speculation. Unfortunately, right now, what we need is more data on which combinations work better. The ITP that I talked about, that the mouse trials, you know, to their credit, what they do try to do, they take some of the more promising longevity drugs like Rapamycin, and then they do combination trials. 

If you take Rapamycin with Acarbose, for example, I think that increases lifespan even more than any one alone. But again, you know, if you talk to people like Brian Kennedy, he's a lot more pessimistic about, he's a researcher in the longevity field, he's a lot more pessimistic about speculation at this point. 

I personally suspect that LDN and Rapamycin will work really well together because I think they fill each other's gaps. What the appropriate dosing, what the optimal dosing is anybody's guess right now. 

Nobody in the longevity community is even really talking about LDN, let alone talking about combining LDN with Rapamycinand or other things.