When Using Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Can It Make Autoimmune Diseases Worse?

LDN Specialist
Dr. Sam Lebsock and Pharmacist Michelle Moser, LDN Specialists

Dr Leonard Weinstock, in one of his talks at the LDN conference, said that LDN lowers T and B cells. Is it possible for LDN to lower host defense in this way against pathogens like herpes, yeast, lime or Bartonella? Since being on LDN, I have noticed an increase in herpes outbreaks and yeast overgrowth and I am wondering if they could be related?

We have been asked this question a lot.  Many times most people who have autoimmune diseases actually have multiple autoimmune diseases.There are multiple types of infections happening and you can see the other infection kind of flare up, it is not uncommon, but what we need to do is treat the underlying issue.  If it is lime or if it is yeast we need to clear out the yeast first.  Is there a gluten situation that we need to pull out the gluten? LDN does not  cure everything. If there is an underlying problems, we have to fix those or you might see these other side effects start creeping but really the LDN has started helping your body and now other things are starting to come about.  This is actually very common in what we see.  We do need to treat the other underlying issues too. It is rarely a monotherapy. Rarely one drug that is going to treat everything. You got to  get out your toolbox.