When Would you Move Heavy Metal Chelation in Long COVID Patients?

When Would you Move Heavy Metal Chelation in Long COVID Patients?

When would you move heavy metal chelation Long COVID patients?Is it ever a priority to use synthetic chemical chelators?

Thank you for asking that question. That is a wonderful question. I'm happy to address it. The normal chelation, DMS, DMPS  and so forth, things that are put out by Andy Cutler, chelation people are nasty, okay? 

They were made those substances for acute heavy metal poisoning. And they not only chelated out heavy metals, they chelated out a lot of trace metals. And usually that's not such a good idea, okay? Especially in children because you need a trace to run your biochemical processes, even if you are doing that, and then you're giving them trace minerals later, it, it just imbalances them.

I've seen autistic children when they do, you know, the urine heavy metal tests, you know, they give them a cha, they take a urine and then they give them, you know, a chelator, okay? They take another urine, but in the meantime, that chelator is pulling out mercury and everybody else, which is going around the system, creating more problems. And they go crazy. They go, you know, they have a flare if somebody's really ill, the kind of heavy metal chelation like to do would be something called a ide. Very, a little hard to get your hands on it. Mite, or OSRM RX is created by Boyd Haley, PhD. It was used about two decades ago for heavy metal chelation and autistic children worked really well. 

The FDA came in and said, this works really good, but it's not a vitamin. Took it off the market. And I had a conversation with Dr. Haley a few months back,  several months back, and he was telling me that, you know, he's doing all the studies that are necessary to get FDA approval, but they keep knocking down his studies. Now, this man's, you know, this man has no slouch. He's making good studies. They simply don't want on the market. Okay? You can get it. It's a little difficult. You're gonna have to contact me, privately, so I'm not gonna announce it.

The process of using it is very simple. You can get rid of the mercury in the brain in like, you know, three weeks. it's not that hard to use. and I've done that a ton of times. So other things you can use, binders, okay? Which will pull out heavy metals, cilantro, parsley, you can use their oils or a handful of cilantro, you know, organic cilantro, organic parsley a day. Okay? That'll take about a year. But if you're treating the cell danger response, it's not a bad deal. And I would like to do that if somebody's really sick in combination. I, you know, when I use do chelation, I always use binder because whatever's coming out in the cells, coming out into the bloodstream, I want pulled into the cells, pulled into the colon for exit.