Which is Cheaper the Liquid or Capsule form of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? 

LDN Specialist
Dr. Sam Lebsock and Pharmacist Michelle Moser



From a cost perspective is liquid or capsules for of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) cheaper and for people titrating do they stay on liquid once they are stable or convert to capsules to make it easier or can you titrate with 0.5 milligram caps versus 0.1 milligram liquid?  The answer is you can do either.  You can do whatever you prefer. If you don't like swallowing a capsule, or a tablet or using liquid, that is why compounding pharmacies are here; to make the dosage form that's preferred for that patient, for the age or whatever the benefit is.  We can do any of that so it really depends on the patient.

As far as cost it depends on  dosing and how often you're taking it.  I can't really fully answer the cost because it's going to be different wherever you go and there's going to be a difference in 0.5 milligram capsule versus a one milligram per ml liquid 30 mls.  Those can be two very different things because volume and numbers and one isn't necessarily cheaper than the other.