Would Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) be effective for neuropathy at what dose?

LDN Specialist Pharmacist Michelle Moser
LDN Specialist Michelle Moser

Would LDN be effective for neuropathy and if is, what would be the dose?

Most neuropathy inflammation of the nerve, or the sheath surrounding the nerve, is going to be benefited by low-dose naltrexone just because of how it works on those receptors to reduce inflammation. Again, most neuropathies are either autoimmune, or there's potentially some damage, maybe trauma to the area. All of that is inflammatory in nature, so that's where LDN could very easily step in. We have seen it used especially in diabetic neuropathy, where you have some peripheral issues, so in the fingers and the toes. Peripherally, meaning out in the margins. And that's been very helpful. But again, MS is a type of neuropathy so to speak, and we know that LDN has been very helpful for multiple sclerosis for a long time

Answered by LDN Specialist Michelle Moser, RPh, FACA, FACVP