Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, MD - Charleston, South Carolina

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1156 Bowman Rd #200
Charleston, SC 29464

Phone: 800-965-8482


Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby has been practicing as a Functional & Integrative Medicine Physician (MD) since 1999.  This followed a 15-year career in Emergency Medicine.  In 2019 he was added to the LDN Research Trust board of Medical Advisors.  He established Carolina Holistic Medicine centers in SC and NC since 2013.  In 2018 he established the Priority Health Academy, teaching reformed-Functional Medicine (rFxMed).  The organization supports new centers by DPC owner-operated providers.

In 2006 Dr. Saleeby authored a book on specialty medicinal herbs entitled: “Wonder Herbs: A Guide to Three Adaptogens” and is a featured speaker on nutrition and adaptogen herbs in the region.  Dr. Saleeby is a contributor to the Life Extension Foundation’s 5th & 6th Edition Disease Prevention & Treatment tome.  He contributed the 3rd chapter in a book on Hypothyroidism Stop the Thyroid Madness II (2014). 

Dr. Saleeby contributed Chapter 4 in the new THE LDN BOOK 3.  He was a contributing editor for American Fitness magazine for almost a decade.  Dr. Saleeby joined the FLCCC in efforts to support COVID-19 patients with early treatments and has gone on to lecture at the FLCCC Medical Conference in 2022.  An avid medical blogger, he also writes on health/medical and travel articles for national publications. He contributes to the Epoch Times.  Dr. Saleeby is a member of IFM, ILADS, ISEAI and AARM. 

He is a dedicated patient advocate and historian with a focus on medical advances during the American Civil War. 

For more: visit www.saleeby.net.  Also www.CarolinaHolisticMedicine.com and www.Priority-Health.us  

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