Dr Phil Boyle’s Presentation on LDN in Pregnancy At the LDN 2016 Conference

Presentation by Dr. Phil Boyle MB BCh NUI, MICGP, MRCGP, CFCP.

The title of this presentation is “Low Dose Naltrexone in pregnancy: comparison of outcomes between users and non-users during pregnancy”.

Dr Boyle shares his experience of treating his subfertile patients with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and in particular his experience of treating women during pregnancy with LDN.  

He explains how his immediate goal is to improve the health of women who complain of fatigue, premenstrual syndrome, low mood, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping - these being the women who would have increased difficulty achieving a successful pregnancy.  

Dr Boyle addresses these symptoms through a combination of changing the diet, adding low dose naltrexone and giving various nutritional supplements that would improve those negative symptoms, improve the woman's health and then get improved outcomes for couples.  

He then compares his studies on the health of the babies and the health of the women who were prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone during pregnancy and those who weren’t.  

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