The LDN 2018 Conference

We would like to thank all the speakers for taking part in the conference and for their amazing presentations.

The LDN Conference 2021: 4th - 6th June 2021

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Welcome to the LDN 2018 Conference Recordings

LDN 2018 Pre Recorded Conference Presentations

Dr Kent Holtorf Immune Modulatory Treatments for Chronic Illness

Download Dr. Holtorf's PDF Presentation


Dr John Kim - Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone, Micro Dosing

Download Dr. Kim's PDF Presentation


Dr Nasha Winters - Marrying Mistletoe with LDN

Download Dr. Winters' PDF Presentation


Dr Leonard Weinstock - Low Dose Naltrexone and Scarcoidosis Therapy

Download Dr. Weinstock's PDF Presentation


Dr Richard Nahas - Treating Blockages - the missing link in medicine

Download Dr. Nahas' PDF Presentation


Dr Sarah Zielsdorf - Rheumatoid Arthritis

Download Dr. Zielsdorf's PDF Presentation


Dr Akbar Khan - LDN for Cancer prevention

Download Dr. Khan's PDF Presentation


Dr Dana Flavin - Reversing Cancer with Biochemistry

Download Dr. Flavin's PDF Presentation


LDN 2018 Live Conference Presentations

Q&A Session 2


Dr Mark Cooper - LDN, Neuroinflammation, and Movement Disorders

Download Dr. Cooper's PDF Presentation


Dr Harpal Bains - Managing Hashimotos: Are We Asking the Right Questions in Hypothyroidism?

Download Dr, Bains' PDF Presentation


Q&A Panel Session 1


Dr Armin Schwarzbach - Modern diagnostic tests for chronic Lyme disease and coinfections

Download Dr. Schwarzbach's PDF Presentation


John Bardsley - Using unlicensed medicines as a part of patient care

Download John Bardsley's PowerPoint Presentation


Nasha Winters Marrying Mistletoe with LDN: Two Powerful Immune modulating Therapies

Download Dr. Winter's PowerPoint Presentation


Professor Angus Dalgleish - The Role of LDN in the Management of Cancer

Download Prof. Dalgleish's PowerPoint Presentation


Pharmacist Stephen Dickson - Using an Old Drug to Trick the Immune System into Healing Itself

Download Mr. Dickson's PDF Presentation