The LDN 2018 Conference

We would like to thank all the speakers for taking part in the conference and for their amazing presentations.

Welcome to the LDN 2018 Conference Recordings

LDN 2018 Pre Recorded Conference Presentations

Dr Kent Holtorf Immune Modulatory Treatments for Chronic Illness

Download Dr. Holtorf's PDF Presentation

Dr John Kim - Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone, Micro Dosing

Download Dr. Kim's PDF Presentation

Dr Nasha Winters - Marrying Mistletoe with LDN

Download Dr. Winters' PDF Presentation

Dr Leonard Weinstock - Low Dose Naltrexone and Scarcoidosis Therapy

Download Dr. Weinstock's PDF Presentation

Dr Richard Nahas - Treating Blockages - the missing link in medicine

Download Dr. Nahas' PDF Presentation

Dr Sarah Zielsdorf - Rheumatoid Arthritis

Download Dr. Zielsdorf's PDF Presentation

Dr Akbar Khan - LDN for Cancer prevention

Download Dr. Khan's PDF Presentation

Dr Dana Flavin - Reversing Cancer with Biochemistry

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LDN 2018 Live Conference Presentations

Q&A Session 2

Dr Mark Cooper - LDN, Neuroinflammation, and Movement Disorders

Download Dr. Cooper's PDF Presentation

Dr Harpal Bains - Managing Hashimotos: Are We Asking the Right Questions in Hypothyroidism?

Download Dr, Bains' PDF Presentation

Dr Julian Kenyon - The use of Synthetic Cannabidiol in advanced Cancer in 113 cases over the past three years

Download Dr. Kenyon's PowerPoint Presentation

Q&A Panel Session 1

Dr Armin Schwarzbach - Modern diagnostic tests for chronic Lyme disease and coinfections

Download Dr. Schwarzbach's PDF Presentation

John Bardsley - Using unlicensed medicines as a part of patient care

Download John Bardsley's PowerPoint Presentation

Nasha Winters Marrying Mistletoe with LDN: Two Powerful Immune modulating Therapies

Download Dr. Winter's PowerPoint Presentation

Professor Angus Dalgleish - The Role of LDN in the Management of Cancer

Download Prof. Dalgleish's PowerPoint Presentation

Pharmacist Stephen Dickson - Using an Old Drug to Trick the Immune System into Healing Itself

Download Mr. Dickson's PDF Presentation