The LDN 2016 Conference

We would like to thank all the speakers for taking part in the conference and for their amazing presentations.  

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The LDN 2016 AIIC Conference was a major success and a milestone in LDN research and application of LDN as a treatment for multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, colitis, autism, cancer, IBS, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, chronic pain and other auto-immune diseases.  

Throughout the 3 day event, noted healthcare professionals presented the most recent LDN related data and treatments. They also offered compelling examples, experiences, and case studies from their experiences with patients who are using LDN as treatment for a range of immune-related diseases, and in many cases achieving positive, life-changing results.  

Attendance provided 12.5 CE credits from the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine and 13.25 credits from The American Association of Naturopathic Practioners

Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and Interactions & Cautions in Common Practice.

Download Stephen Dickson's Presentation

Calming microglia_ a future method for treating multiple sclerosis. Dr Jarred Younger

Download Dr. Younger's Presentation

Mechanism of action of low dose naltrexone Dr Pradeep Chopra

Download Dr. Chopra's Presentation

Dr Akbar Khan - Cancer Case Studies

Dr Leonard Weinstock - Restless Legs Syndrome

Download Dr. Weinstock's Presentation

Dr Leonard Weinstock - Sarcoidosis

Download Dr. Weinstock's Presentation

Dr Akbar Khan - Cancer Therapy

Download Dr. Khan's Presentation

Dr Pradeep Chopra - Chronic Pain, Opioids and LDN

Download Dr. Chopra's Presentation

Dr Kent Holtorf - CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia

Download Dr. Holtorf's Presentation

Leonard Weinstock - Ulcerative Colitis

Download Dr. Weinstock's Presentation

Dr Kent Holtorf - Thyroid Disorders

Download Dr. Holtorf's Presentation

Dr Jill Cottel shares her expereince, LDN in Primary Care - Case Studies

Download Dr. Cottel's Presentation

Dr Mark Shukhman - Sexual Function

Download Dr. Shukhman's Presentation

Dr Pradeep Chopra - Pain

Download Dr. Chopra's Presentation

Dr Ulrich Lanius - Traumatic Stress etc

Download Dr. Lanius' Presentation

Galyn Forster - Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Download Mr. Forster's Presentation

Dr Phil Boyle - Low Dose Naltrexone in Pregnancy

Download Dr. Boyle's Presentation

Dr Brian Udell - Autism

Download Dr. Udell's Presentation

Q & A part 1 - LDN 2016 Conference

Q & A part 2 - LDN 2016 Conference

Q & A part 3 - LDN 2016 Conference

Q & A part 4 - LDN 2016 Conference

Dr Tom O’Bryan - Dietary Triggers of Pain and Inflammation

Download Dr. O'Bryan's Presentation

Dr Martin Dayton - LDN Case Studies

Paul Battle PA-C - Crohn’s Disease

Download Mr. Battle's Presentation

Q & A part 5 - LDN 2016 Conference

The Sinclair Method for Alcohol Addiction

Download Claudia Christian's Presentation

Dr Armin Schwarzbach - Testing

Download Dr. Schwarzbach's Presentation

Dr “Skip” Lenz - Report on LDN Study

Download Dr. Lenz's Presentation

Lachlan Cox - Clinical Hypnosis and Pain Control

Download Dr. Cox's Presentation